Get added value with your Atlassian licenses

Keep the focus on you. Let us take care of the hassle. License procurement, renewal, and upgrades.


Already have an Atlassian license? No fears. Your license won’t change if you go through us. That is, unless we’ve found you actually have licenses you don’t need. Then, you may find some change after we consult with you about any obsolete licenses. We want you to get your best value.


Atlassian has a strict no-phone policy, and while their ticketing system works, it can be daunting to evaluate a license without having a conversation about it first. We understand Hong Kong company culture, and we are , we’re available to talk about your license purchases and answer your questions.


When you buy new/upgrade/renew Atlassian licenses and Marketplace add-ons through us, you will receive complementary consulting and training hours. 

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